Our warehouse is located at MM2100 Industrial Town, one of the best and most reliable industrial estates in Indonesia. MM2100 provides efficient yet environmental friendly amenities with superior facilities that deliver the exact support we need. The 24.000m2 wholly owned warehouse is equipped with special features, such as exclusive hydrant that connects to automatic fire alarm system for fire safety. Most importantly, the strategic location allows us to connect easily to Soekarno Hatta airport and also the city’s main harbor, the Port of Tanjung Priok, where more than 50% of Indonesia’s transshipment cargo traffic being handled everyday.

We understand that it is essential for us to provide complete and professional warehousing services. Therefore, our experienced and dedicated team is ready to execute multitudes of business activities daily, which includes supply chains. Supply chains cover the entire company’s manufacturing and distribution process. We connect our customers to their buyers by handling their goods properly and making sure to keep all components of the process intact, from handling raw materials, manufacturing, up to distributing them. The whole process is supported by interconnected IT system to guarantee efficiency and prevent communication breakdown.